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It is a matter of great pleasure that Rao Gheesa Ram Sr. Sec. School, Simany has completed its Three Years. It has been years of toil, dedication and tireless efforts to leave no stone unturned that has led RGS to endurance,

The challenge to be the best you can, is supported by a holistic approach to personal learning. The classroom programmes are rich and engaging, the range of cultural, sporting and curricular activities provide a huge number of opportunities that allow every student access to an environment where they can participate and excel. We challenge and channel students to set high expectations and standards for themselves and support them to reach the zenith.

Rao Gheesa Ram School has set out the very clear vision that in today’s world, the very definition of education has transformed. ‘Mentoring’ takes precedence over mere transmitting of information and there is a critical difference between acquiring information, understanding and analyzing facts.

In this world, composed of myriad cultures and people, only a continuous endeavour in learning can lead to global integration. It is the responsibility of every individual to work for global integration, since the problems that confront this planet are everyone’s concern. The concept of education at Rao Gheesa Ram Sr. Sec. School caters to a new generation of parents who want their generation next to be brought up in a global environment discussing global concerns, acquiring global competencies and aspiring to be global leaders.

The present scenario demands that  we guide our students to ‘self -directed learning’ and development of their critical thinking skills; to develop the curiosity to explore more, to go beyond the text books and be challenged to stretch their imagination, to become lifelong learners; be encouraged to embark on a quest for excellence. Ralph Waldo Emerson has so aptly said, “What lies behind us and what lies before us are small compared to what lies within us.”  

Rao Gheesa Ram School

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